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Aerodynamic analysis of drag reduction devices on the underbody for SAAB 9-3 by using CFD. Master's Thesis in Automotive Engineering. JOHAN LEVIN. RIKARD RIGDAL. Department of Applied Mechanics. Division of Vehicle Engineering and Autonomus Systems. CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY. Göteborg
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Trailer Devices for Drag Reduction of Heavy Duty Trucks. Master's Thesis in the Master's programme Automotive Engineering. CHRISTOFFER HÅKANSSON. MALIN J. LENNGREN. Department of Applied Mechanics. Division of Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems. CHALMERS
1.3 Research Objectives. 4. 1.4 Thesis Organisation. 4. 2. Fundamentals of Bicycle Wheel Performance. 6. 2.1 Introduction. 6. 2.2 Aerodynamic Factors. 6. 2.2.1 Translational Aerodynamic Drag. 6. 2.2.2 Rotational Aerodynamic Drag. 7. 2.3 Weight Factors. 7. 2.4 Importance of Wheel Drag. 8. 2.5 Kinetic Energy of Bicycle and
27.09.2012 -
CFD STUDY ON AERODYNAMIC EFFECTS OF A REAR WING/SPOILER ON. A PASSENGER VEHICLE. By. Mustafa Cakir. MASTER THESIS. Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements. For the Degree of Master of Science. In Mechanical Engineering. In the School of Engineering at. Santa Clara University
that accurately capture the unsteady aerodynamic forces at all frequencies. These cases demonstrate the utility of the modeling procedure developed in this thesis for obtaining accurate models for different geometries and Reynolds numbers. Linear reduced-order models are constructed from either the indicial response.
16.12.2011 -
Aerodynamic Analysis of Axial Fan Unsteady Simulations. Abstract: The objective of this thesis is to understand turbomachinery unsteady CFD simu- lation performance depending on the turbulence model selected. For this porpoise, simulations with two in industry extensively used turbulence modes have been carried out:
Field of study: Aerodynamic study. Specialty: Roof box analysis and redesign. STATIONARY STUDY/NIESTACJONARNE. MASTER THESIS. ENGINEERING / GRADUATE. Ivan Gonzàlez Casal. AERODYNAMIC ANALYSIS AND IMPROVEMENT. OF A ROOF BOX CAR. Supervisor: Dr hab.eng: Wladyslaw Mitianiec, Prof
Parametric Design, Aerodynamic Analysis and Parametric. Optimization of a Solar UAV. Nuno Miguel António Silva. Thesis to obtain the Master of Science Degree in. Aerospace Engineering. Supervisors: Professor André Calado Marta and Doctor José Manuel da Silva Chaves. Ribeiro Pereira. Examination Committee.

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